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Our Story

A fully integrated real estate investment and management firm founded in 2017. Our commitment to excellence and strategic investment has enabled us to build a robust portfolio comprising 27 multifamily properties with over 5,000 units across multiple states.

We are driven by a long-term investment philosophy and a keen focus on strong market areas. Our in-depth understanding of local market nuances allows us to invest strategically, generating above-market returns and fostering exceptional economies of scale. Our approach translates into unparalleled reliability and the creation of communities known for their superior quality of living.

Our Strengths

We pride ourselves on a set of core strengths that drive our success and distinguish us in the real estate investment industry.

Hands-On Management

Proactively engaged in day-to-day operations, ensuring high standards and swift issue resolution.

Employee Satisfaction

Investing in our team's well-being and growth to enhance property care and resident satisfaction.


Seasoned veterans with extensive experience in real estate investment and management.

Deep Relationships

Prioritizing open communication and long-term collaboration with residents, partners and investors.


Committed to honesty and openness, keeping partners well-informed and confident in our operations.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team brings together a wealth of experience and expertise in real estate investment and management. Committed to driving growth and maintaining the highest standards, our leaders guide RSG Acquisitions with a strategic vision and a hands-on approach to every aspect of our operations.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio reflects our commitment to strategic investment and quality management. With a strong presence in Maryland and Ohio, we take pride in our diverse range of multifamily properties that provide high-quality living environments for our residents.

Our Criteria

We are always looking to expand our portfolio with properties that meet our stringent investment criteria. We focus on acquiring assets that align with our strategic vision and growth objectives.

We seek assets that offer value-add opportunities and strong cash flow potential, ensuring our investments generate above-market returns and contribute to the creation of high-quality living environments.


B&C Class Multifamily Assets


Across the Eastern Shore


Properties with 100 or more units.


Buildings constructed in 1970s or later.

Our Partners

We value the partnerships that help us achieve our investment goals. Our sponsors and operational partners play a crucial role in our success by providing the expertise, resources, and support needed to manage and grow our portfolio.

Contact Us

Whether you’re interested in learning more about our company, discussing potential investment opportunities, or simply have a question, please reach out.